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Flower Trends 2019

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Petals From Paula are up to the minute with the trends in floristry. 
Here are some of the strongest flower trends for next season 

The French Connection. The French Connection trend is luxurious and sophisticated. The color palette features soft red hues, hints of orange and chocolate brown, as well as other muted earth tones. Small botanical prints come together with lace overlays decorated with adoring delicate blooms. Romantic blossoms of roses and orchids complement viburnum berries within pedestal vases and refined metallic vessels.

Force of Nature. The Force of Nature style invokes casual nautical themes overflowing with garden wonders. Serene shades of blue and green calmly mingle with bright white. Bundles of hydrangea and corn flower come together with nigella and scabiosa and are housed in frosted and clear glass vases. Subdued patterns harmoniously connect with aged metallic finishes. 

Modern Wonders. The Modern Wonders look unites the young with the old as it morphs modern sophistication with cultural antiquities. Picturesque chic lines combine with aged Asian style through beaded accents, irregular geometric patterns, and crafted textures. Graphic oranges and reds are offset by hints of gold and muted purple. Anthurium come to life alongside ginger, cymbidiums, and astilbe.

Into the Jungle. The Into the Jungle theme is rich in exotic prints showcased in brilliant muted tones of tropical hues. Sun-kissed shades of orange, yellow, and red glisten alongside earth-tinged gold. Calla lilies and bird of paradise cluster together in hand-woven baskets and cork covered vases. Heliconia, pincushion protea, and bromeliads are accented by moss, vine, and bamboo.
The natural 'just picked from the garden' look for bouquets continues. Flowers are  more a gathering of different heights and textures with an altogether looser and wilder effect. Tear-drop and trailing bouquets are on trend but in a much less formal style. Floral head dresses are everywhere but much less stiff than those from the eighties.
Metallics are big news and lots of antique gold, silvers,coppers and metal vases,urns and vessels on the tables with neutral ivory and white flowers create a stark contrast to the luxe alloys.   
Wild looking, boho wedding flowers are everywhere, especially if you have a country setting- with the emphasis on natural and textured. Bouquets are loose and big. Lots of gatherings of 'just picked' looking garden flowers with foliage. Jute and hessian string and ribbon with wooden crates and Hendricks bottles compliment this look.
Woodland themed wedding flowers are big for the winter with twigs and birch - even trees on the tables as centrepieces. Foliage is really centre stage with this and swags and garlands of lush green leaves decorate the rooms. Woodland nymph style floral headresses and lots of vine leaves, ivy and natural foliage and candles everywhere!
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